Welcome to the 1st Da Nang Spice-off!
Come join 5 venues competing for the tastiest and spiciest dish for the first time.
As a guest and judge you will get to try 5 specially prepared dishes from 5 different restaurants + a welcome cocktail
As a participant you will judge the spiciest and the tastiest of the dishes and help name the first Da Nang Chili Champion.
WARNING: Not for the faint at heart, these dishes will be very spicy, make sure you can handle the heat.

5 Course Spicy tapas 300,000 19:00 – 22:00
My Casa:
The Workshop:
Mexican Choice:
Hops & Crusts:
Veda’s Kitchen
The Craftsman
Reservation available through the events page or at My Casa and The Workshop.
Max 30 seats.

Chili’s for Charity – Chili eating contest 20:30 – 150,000 to enter
FOR THE BRAVE OR CRAZY: If you think you can handle the spice, compete with other lunatics to win a grand prize of 1,000,000 vnd worth of vouchers at the competing venues, and help raise money for …… charity.
Be the first to eat all the chili’s and win the prize.
Register to enter through the event page or at the event.

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