Chris McBride

Disciplines: Illustration, animation, augmented reality, acrylic, wall art, caricature, graphics workshops, drawing classes, live art, private events.

Chris is an artist and teacher who has been living in Da Nang since August 2014. He studied animation and has worked with 2D animation. However, he discovered that his passion for creativity didn’t stop in the studio, and since moving to SE Asia in 2012, Chris has been teaching art, organizing events and exhibitions, and running workshops. His art is inspired by human emotion, history and current events, philosophy and fun. He often uses a saturated color pallet and bold figures or detailed line art.

Originals by Chris McBride

Poetic End - acrylic

Conflict - acrylic

Genetic Connection - acrylic

Commissions by Chris McBride

Johhny Cash - Purple - Acrylic

Johhny Cash - Gold - Acrylic