Augmented Reality Art Exhibition in Da Nang at My Casa

My Casa & The Workshop are proud to present Vietnam’s first Augmented Reality art show.
Augmented Reality or ‘AR’ is an exciting new art-form the merges print media, animation and smart phone technology.

Exhibition date: Saturday 16th September, 2017

This event is in collaboration with Eyejack app.
Eyejack is a smart phone application and platform that specialises in the curation and distribution of augmented art. It was developed by Stu Campbell (sutu) and Lukasz Karluk based in Melbourne, Australia.

The exhibition showcased work from Eyejack’s ‘Prosthetic Reality’ art book.
Prosthetic reality is a first of its kind augmented reality art book featuring 45 artists from around the world.
There will be a limited number of the books on sale at the exhibition, imported from Australia and sold at the reduced price of 800,000 down from 900,000 + postage.

For more information on AR, Eyejack or Prosthetic reality check out: