The initiative to showcase art in an emerging community led to the early stages of the Workshop, a charismatic Vietnamese house transformed solely for art in Da Nang. Two years of local exhibitions and owner Chris McBride’s drawing workshops, founded a community of expats and locals that brought together ideas for growing the art community—a scene people were building rather than shaping.

As Da Nang has grown, so has the Workshop. Now, open to the public, the creative hub is a family friendly environment for anyone to learn, develop, and express all things art. More importantly, it’s a community for connecting artists for the purpose of development, creation, and future commissions. 

In 2017 the Workshop established a coffee shop so that anyone could settle in, relax and use the art supplies. Materials are provided for anyone to apply their imagination or showcase and sell creations they’ve made. The creative workshops for drawing, crafts, writing, and photography soon followed all in an effort to support, fund, and contribute to individuals pursuing art. 

Now the Workshop hosts a rotation of events and exhibitions to help promote artists, along with its weekly workshops. As the gallery and coffee shop continue to flourish the Workshop looks forward to supporting and growing your creative initiative.